We like Europe. We like each other. Out of those two facts this magazine was born.

It's really hard to define what Europe really is: a continent, but with no clear border in the East; an area with a common history which is understood in a thousand different ways; a unity which consists of about 50 countries and more than 700 million people speaking 100 languages.

That's why we keep our definition simple and snappy: Europe is a state of mind.

We have very serious goals. We want to support the emergence of a young European public. We want to contribute to a new perception of the European community - beyond the category of a nation state. And last but not least, we want to have fun! We don't particularly fancy the boring world of Brussels, we'd rather have the colourful and kitsch world of Eurovision Song Contest. But both of these are us.

Europe is us!

contributors to ISSUE #38 AND SIXTH SENSE

SIXTH SENSE  Nicoletta Enria, Isabell Wutz, Francesca Monticelli
BRAIN Friederike Sandow, Jonas Ekblom, Isabell Wutz, Lizzy Peet, Natalia Carrusca
HEART Ana-Christina Gaeta, Adriana Pou, Fernando Burgés, Nicoletta Enria
DIAPHRAGM Sam Volpe, Sam Stevenson, S.V. and S.J., Alexander Neofitov
BABY Luiza Nureeva, Young Europeans, Editorial, Sam Hassan, Nicoletta Enria
LEGS Lolita WhiteAnonymousMarkus BuderathSam StevensonJames Tufnell




Isabell Wutz – Sixth Sense/Legs of E&M
is into this because she likes to criticise, discuss and encourage the European idea. Originally from Germany, she has received the most compliments for her rolling R, could live without WhatsApp, drinks chai latte while working for E&M, and studies Arts, Media and Society. If you meet her, don't make small talk.

E: isabell [at] europeandme.eu

fer rahmen

Fernando Burgés – Brain of E&M
is into this because he believes that the continent that invented nations and states will be the continent that will bury them first. He is originally from São Paulo and has received the most compliments for his ability to read maps. He could live without reality TV shows and selfies, drinks tons of coffee while working for E&M and studied Nationalism and Conflict. If you meet him, invite him for a beer!

E: fernando [at] europeandme.eu


Victoria Jordan – Brain/Baby of E&M
is into this because she loves the idea of promoting Europe identity from the perspective of our generation. Originally from France, she has received the most compliments for her burger eating capabilities, could live without bananas, drinks loads of tea while working for E&M, and studies European History. If you meet her, go for a kiss on both cheeks and avoid any awkwardness.

E: victoria [at] europeandme.eu


Sam Volpe – Diaphragm/Project Manager of E&M
is into this because he likes correcting other people's mistakes a little too much and hates parochialism. Originally from Newcastle, north-east England, he has received the most compliments for sending emails at inappropriate times of the morning, could live without online comment sections, drinks too much while working for E&M, and studied several mysteriously useless degrees. If you meet him, politely ignore his terrible balance.

E: sam [at] europeandme.eu T: @samuelevolpe


Francesca Monticelli – Sixth Sense/Legs of E&M
is into this because she is a Europhile and, given Brexit, she feels this is an essential platform to champion a European identity. Originally from Rome, Italy, she has received the most compliments for her unique fake laugh and cooking skills, could live without bacon, drinks copious amounts of white americano while working for E&M, and studied biomedical sciences. If you meet her, take her to the White Hart.

T: @FranMonticelli


Sam Stevenson – Heart of E&M
is into this because he believes in providing a platform for young Europeans to voice their opinions in a free and open way. Originally from Birmingham, UK, he has received the most compliments for his willingness to include everyone, could live without reality TV, drinks macchiato while working for E&M, and studied Spanish and Italian. If you meet him, smile, be warm and friendly, and he will always reciprocate.

 T: @SamStevo


Alex Neofitov – Diaphragm/Project Manager of E&M
is into this because he wants to push towards a sincerer approach to discussing present-day Europe. Originally from Bulgaria, he has received the most compliments for making awkward remarks in inappropriate moments, could live without cars everywhere, drinks rum while working for E&M, and studied Politics of Central and Eastern Europe. If you meet him, stare intently at his face as if you love him.

E: alex [at] europeandme.eu

nicoletta Nicoletta Enria – Baby/Heart of E&M

is into this because she loves the idea of a European  identity and journalism from various cultural perspectives. Originally from Italy, she has received the most compliments for always finding something to talk about in an awkward silence, could live without Diet Coke, drinks green tea while working for E&M and studies German and Arabic. If you meet her, go out for a coffee and a chat!

E: nicoletta [at] europeandme.eu T: @NicolettaEnria



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