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Wired in #6: The Slips

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Electro Pulse Glitch Pop Renegades. Has any self definition sounded better? The Slips are an electro band from London who produce a maelstrom of heavy beats from two laptops and a drum kit. Blown away by the atmosphere at a gig in the heart of East London, E&M asked them to play at our end of 2010 launch party. They responded with an amazing performance that had people dancing around like mad men. With some highly regarded remixes free on their website, this is a band that will suck you into a style of music you'd probably never considered.  

The Slips - 4 Elements To Make Good Music (Official Video) from The Slips on Vimeo.

E&M: How did the band come together?

The Slips: David and I started the band after working together at Olympic Studios in London. We were writing lots of songs together and were pitching tracks for various artists; we sent a few tracks to Mirwais whom we'd worked with on the Madonna album American Life and he asked us to work on a French artist YAS he was producing at the time. From this we started writing material that we felt was more our own than for other artists and so we emailed a few London venues, picked up some shows, an agent and it kinda went from there. The next thing we knew, Rob da Bank had emailed us asking for our RMX of CSS to play on Radio One!

E&M: What inspires your music - do you have a clear direction you want to go in?

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ISSUE 12 Sneak Preview

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ISSUE 12 is coming! As we put the finishing touches to the new edition, out 1st April 2011, here's a sneak preview of what our exciting new magazine has to offer...

BRAIN – How can we avoid bankrupting the euro? We interview a German MEP to find out what the future of the euro looks like. If you don't know your Eurobond from EuroDisney or the Eurovision song contest, this is a must read.

HEART- Ever tried writing in a foreign language? Now imagine you don't just have to write a simple essay for Erasmus, but that you're trying to write a novel. We talk to three writers who have made a career out of doing just that.

DIAPHRAGM - When you read about some of the scientific studies carried out in Europe, you can't help but think: what the hell were they thinking? We present the most hilarious research, from bat fellatio to zipper-entrapped penises. 

BABY- Who wants Skype sex? After this lead article... We think you will! 

LEGS - Why would a young law graduate or an economist decide to teach socially deprived children for two years? We check out Teach First.

Plus: Top/Flop European; the Hagia Sophia; Film Tip; European online gaming; aliens in Rome; forgotten capitals; one date in Sweden and much much more...! 1st of April - Only on E&M!

The E&M Editors x

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We can happily announce that E&M has been awarded the UK nomination to the Charlemagne Youth prize 2011! 

The Charlemagne Youth Prize is organised by the European Parliament and the Foundation of the International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen and is awarded for projects that foster a shared sense of European identity and cooperation. Every country nominates one project (“national winner”) that then gets invited to Aachen for the European final prize.

We would like to thank the UK committee for awarding us this nomination (and for making us winners for the second year in a row!) and we look forward to representing E&M at the European final in Aachen, 31st May 2011.

We wanted to demonstrate all the progress that this project has made during the last year, and then we remembered all those Europeans who had helped us grow our community of readers and contributors, achieve the transnational adventure, run the workshop, and create the Sixth Sense. We realised that 2010/11 was a year in which the E&M project was revolutionised! 

We must thank the hundreds of dedicated authors, editors, and partners who have helped us to reach out to the whole of Europe like never before! And of course, most of all we would like to thank our readers for continually inspiring us with fantastic stories from across the continent. It's your input and interest that helps us carry on writing and sharing the many examples of how wonderfully diverse, amazing and interconnected Europe really is!  

Check out our winning summary!  

And keep your fingers crossed for us once more for the European prize. Save the date: 31st May 2011. 


Chris, Fabian, Fátima, Helya, Johannes, Laura, Lucy, Marta, Martin, and Matt

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Wired in #5: Sky Dry Tea

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Thanks for this week's band suggestion go to Līva Dzene who recommended a great band from Riga, Latvia. On first listen, SKY DRY TEA don't exactly have a typical Latvian sound to their music - they sing in English and plan to extend their success across Europe with their next album. However their experiences in Latvia, where they have already played several festivals and shows, certainly shape the band. E&M interviewed SKY DRY TEA to find out what inspires their music and how they want to conquer the rest of Europe!  

E&M: To give us an impression of your music - what is characteristic for your sound?

SDT: Of course every band is working on their own specific sound and finding a sound is a working process. To be honest, it's hard to specify what we sound like, we just do what we feel sure about and always keep playing and listening to whether we actually like what it sounds like. I think that is most important and if you're sure about your sound, the audience will feel the same.

E&M: You recently changed your band name from 'ēnas' to SKY DRY TEA. What inspired the change of name?  

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