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Wired in #15: Lack of Afro

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Lack of Afro's music sounds like you're listening to one great soul band and it's hard to believe there's actually only one man behind it. Adam Gibbons is a talented multi instrumentalist who plays with samples from 60s and 70s soul music to create a fascinating new, dancy sound. His first two albums "Press On" and "My Groove your Move" have been quite a big success and give reason to be excited for his new CD coming out this September!

E&M: What is it like playing in a one man band?

LOA: Well it is both a blessing and a curse in many ways. Because 'Lack of Afro' is my thing, I don't have to run decisions past other band members or anything, so the whole 'band diplomacy' aspect that can be such a problem doesn't really come in to what I do. However, the flipside to that is that I miss the regular interaction with other musicians. The creative spark that comes from like-minded musicians playing in a room is hard to replicate on my own. I just play various things on different instruments and see what happens.

E&M: Your music has elements of soul and jazz from the 60s and 70s. When did you first become fascinated by this kind of music?

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We can happily announce that E&M has won the European Charlemagne Youth Prize 2011!

The Prize 

The Charlemagne Youth Prize is organised by the European Parliament and the Foundation of the International Charlemagne Prize of Aachen and is awarded for projects that foster a shared sense of European identity and integration among young people. The award comes with a prize of €5000.

The first prize was awarded by European Parliament President Jerzy Buzek to two of our editors (and co-founders) Christopher Wratil and Lucy Duggan at a ceremony in Aachen this morning. Presenting the award Mr. Buzek described E&M as "extremely original" and felt that "the main message... is that Europe is, can, and should be 'cool'." Collecting the Prize Christopher Wratil said "like many young people we live in Europe, and that is what the magazine stands for." Whilst Lucy Duggan reflected on how the project emerged, saying that "we were fed up with the perception that Europe is just the EU and ends somewhere behind Slovenia."

E&M is the first project from the UK to win the European Charlemagne Youth Prize. Every country nominates one project ("national winner") that then gets invited to Aachen, Germany, for the European final prize. Second prize went to the Greek project '"Balkans Beyond Borders" and third prize to the Spanish "Escena Erasmus Project."

E&M: The Project

E&M is an online lifestyle magazine created by young Europeans for young Europeans in 2007. Its motto is to "make Europe personal", because Europe is often identified only with politics and bureaucracy. Today, E&M is a platform that allows people to take the initiative, develop themselves and find like-minded individuals from across the continent. They approach Europe from a transnational perspective with authors and readers in over 20 different countries.

We would like to thank the European Charlemagne committee for awarding us this great honour, as well as the UK committee for selecting us to be the UK representative for the second year in a row.

We must also thank the hundreds of dedicated authors, editors, and partners who have helped us to reach out to the whole of Europe like never before! And of course, most of all we would like to thank our readers for continually inspiring us with fantastic stories from across the continent. It's your input and interest that helps us carry on exploring, writing, and sharing the many examples of how wonderfully diverse, amazing and interconnected Europe really is!  

Check out the official European Parliament press release!  

Carmen, Chris, Fabian, Fátima, Helya, Johannes, Juliane, Laura, Lucy, Marta, Martin, and Matt

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Wired in #14: Mighty Oaks

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Inspired by nature and quite an international group, the guys from Mighty Oaks write beautiful folk music that is perfect to escape the stressful life of the city. Thanks to my friend and E&M fan Parker Higgins I found this great band. They've only been playing together for just over a year and but have already discovered a developed sound and a clear identity as a band. Make sure to check out one of their upcoming shows and if you live in Berlin you might even get lucky and catch them playing in Mauerpark. E&M talked to their singer and co-founder Ian Hooper about the advantages of Berlin, making music and living mighty!

Mighty Oaks - All My Days from Claudio Donzelli on Vimeo.

IH: My Ma is actually from Ireland, so I was over in Europe quite a lot as a kid. Making the trek back here at this age was very humane, and I never really feel out of place over here. Also, Seattle and Portland, with their rich cafe and cycling cultures, are often described as somewhat European in culture. I guess the people are just different, but I break that down to a more micro level than continent or country.

E&M: In what way does having band members from four different countries shape the sound of your music?

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Wired in #13: Wilhelm Tell Me

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Looking for music to dance through the summer nights? Thanks to our reader Julia Schulte, E&M is happy to present the four guys of the Hamburg pop band Wilhelm Tell Me! Make sure you catch one of their concerts in Germany and be ready for a night of dancy electro pop. Check out E&M's interview with their guitarist Frederik Deluweit and find out about the label they founded, the advantages of vinyl and why Beethoven is important for Europe.

E&M: There are so many stories about William/Wilhelm Tell - is your band name a reference to this Swiss national hero?

FD: Actually there was no reference to Wilhelm Tell when we first chose this name, it was just a coincidence. We always give new songs working titles until the lyrics are finished. One was Wilhelm Tell Me and our drummer Jan suggested that we should make it our band name. But we imagined an old lord in England sitting together with a friend in the early 19th century, who has huge knowledge about Europe, history and travelling the world, and asking him: "Wilhelm, tell me". It only really began to be seen as a reference to Wilhelm Tell once we started to do everything on our own, including our label, producing, booking, management. We try to be as independent as possible and to have full control over what we do.

E&M: All four band members are from Hamburg. Are there also other places in Europe that have influenced you?

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