Marta Martinez

Marta Martinez

Tuesday, 16 August 2011 18:19

Wired In band Review: Manel

In a Wired In special, Heart editor Marta Martinez reviews a band from Barcelona. Manel are a band who sing in Catalan and have the perfect sound for the final throes of summer.

My perfect summer picture is lying on a rocky beach of the Costa Brava, drinking orxata and staring at the soft waves of the Mediterranean sea while the sun sets. The prefect soundtrack is easy: "Al mar" (To the sea) by the Barcelona band Manel. 



Four years ago, Manel were just four school friends who used to play some music in their free time, unaware of any music trend that would rocket them into stardom –they even had that ridiculous ukelele, who was going to success with that in Spain?

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