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E&M welcomes a new cartoonist

Cartoons1  Baruffato
Photo courtesy of Alice Baruffato 

Lichtgrenze over Berlin - Alice Baruffato, December 2014

As a part of E&M's commitment to multimedia content, our magazine is glad to announce that the Italian illustrator Alice Baruffato will be sharing with us cartoons drawn exclusively for E&M. She works as an archaeological illustrator but she will be also be contributing specifically to E&M, so stay tuned and enjoy some of the most significant European issues being turned into thought-provoking drawings on a monthly basis. To find out more, E&M's Veronica Pozzi has interviewed her about her work as an archaeological illustrator and her life-experiences in Europe.



Alice Baruffato. If you feel you are already familiar with the name that's because she is not new to E&M. Last November, together with two friends, she wrote this article on her experience as a volunteer at the Berlin Wall. But the months she spent in Germany's capital are not the only European project in which she has participated. In this interview she shares those experiences as well as her personal views on Archaeology in Europe and the related job market.


E&M: Where does your passion for drawing come from? And how have you nourished it throughout the years?


Alice: My parents had a stationery shop. I remember I started drawing when I was a kid: I've always had this passion and, thanks to my parents' shop, I had access to good quality pencils and everything I needed. I took only one drawing course in my life, it was about cartoons but very short. For the rest, I just kept on drawing following my passion and as a self-learner.

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Wanted: A European Superhero

Superhero tights
Photo: Geoffrey Fairchild (Flickr); Licence: CC BY 2.0

What form would the ideal European superhero take?

For a Diaphragm feature in Issue 28 of E&M, we're going to be creating European superheroes and need your help in coming up with the designs.

Many of you will by now have probably seen Matt Shearman's interview with Nicolas De Santis, creator of Captain Euro, but we're not convinced that the high-kicking hunk offers everything that Europe needs in a superhero and want you to help us come up with some alternatives.

What would your European superhero look like? Would he or she have a day job? Maybe a side-kick too? What kind of superpowers would come in handy? And what about the all-important outfit? Would it be blue and star-spangled like the flag of Europe or a hotchpotch of all the colours of countries in the continent?

If you've got an idea for the perfect European superhero, please send your written suggestions (max. 250 words) by email to the Diaphragm team, who can be contacted via frances [at] europeandme.eu and rike [at] europeandme.eu.

The best entries will be turned into cartoons drawn by the wonderfully talented Laura Hempel and published in the April edition of the magazine.

Deadline for entries: 2 February 2015

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