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Call for contributors

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Writers, photographers, video journalists – lend us your talents! E&M is accepting applications for new contributors to join our transnational magazine.

Here at E&M, we aim to make Europe personal – and we need your help in doing so. We are currently looking for passionate and inventive new contributors to help take Europe's first online lifestyle magazine created by young Europeans for young Europeans to even bigger and better things. As part of the contributor community, you will be published on a Charlemagne Award­-winning online platform with a wide international readership and more than 4,000 Facebook likes.

You will have the freedom to pursue your own journalistic interests, supported by our team of dedicated volunteer editors. We will offer you the opportunity to collaborate with writers from every corner of Europe and keep you up to date on competitions, workshops and other transnational journalistic events. All we ask for in return is a commitment to writing at least two high­ quality transnational articles (or other contributions e.g. films, photo stories etc.) every year.

Journalistic experience is an advantage, but it is not essential. If you are under 35 years of age and are keen to make a contribution towards an international dialogue about Europe, we want you to apply. We welcome applications from a wildly diverse range of people – be they writers, photographers, video journalists, illustrators or cartoonists. If you join us you will be involved in at least one of the following tasks:

  • Researching and writing articles for E&M, including communication with section editors
  • Blogging from events around Europe
  • Taking photos of people, events and landscapes to illustrate our stories or publish as stand-alone photojournalism
  • Drawing cartoons
  • Filming your travels
  • Proofreading E&M articles
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Join E&M!


We like Europe. We like each other. And we’d like you to join us on our quest to redefine young European journalism.

E&M began producing transnational journalism written by young Europeans for young Europeans back in 2008. Since then we've come a long way. We've published 26 regular editions of our online magazine, won a Charlemagne Youth Prize, held a continent-­wide Young Journalist Award, launched a blog and organised a series of projects, ranging from debates and journalism work­shops. We want to build on this, but for that we will need reinforcements: more writers to add to our list of over 100 contributors from every corner Europe, plus at least one more editor to help steer the E&M ship.

You don't necessarily need to have any journalistic experience to apply to work with E&M (although it's great if you do, of course). We're more interested in your passion for Europe and the ideas you have about contributing to a personal, transnational dialogue between young people across the continent.

Monday, 25 August 2014 00:00

E&M welcomes a new partner on board

We are pleased to announce a new partnership with Cosmopublic, an exciting and unconventional European news site. Just like E&M, Cosmopublic strives towards shared European media and has set out to work on one of its prerequisites – an informed, cosmopolitan European public with a transnational sense of belonging.

As the lack of mutual knowledge about other European nations poses a significant hurdle to further integration, Cosmopublic has set up a project called What moves your neighbour? to help combat all-too-familiar feelings of irritation and prejudice among neighbouring countries. They believe that integration has to start at the level of the individual, hence the emphasis on raising awareness and sympathy between readers of different national backgrounds. The European Cosmopublic Project (ECP) provides readers with quick overviews of their European neighbours and publishes country reports on a fortnightly basis.

Here at E&M we are looking forward to productive cross-fertilisation of ideas between the two organisations. We invite our readers to consult the Cosmopublic pages for their breaking news fix, while continuing to enjoy the latest issues of our magazine for more personal or essayistic takes on Europe.

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