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E&M is recruiting!

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E&M is recruiting: online magazine (early 30s, sharp mind, GSOH) seeks editorial types (18-35) for fun, collaboration, and the experience of a lifetime.

Writers/Photographers/Videographers wanted.

E&M are looking for passionate and inventive contributors across all forms of multimedia. Do you make videos or podcasts? Or take photography that could transport our audience to the heart of Europe? If so, we want you. As a contributor to E&M, you will be published on a Charlemagne Award -winning online platform with a wide international readership. We see our mission as providing a truly European perspective on issues from the obvious to the esoteric, from the EU to marriage agencies in Ukraine.

Take it from us, this is a wonderful way to gain journalistic experience and produce some fantastic and exciting things.

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Thursday, 01 October 2015 15:23

E&M at #30

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To celebrate the publication of the 30th edition of E&M, co-founder Christopher Wratil reflects upon the journey the magazine has gone through to reach this milestone. 

How it all began

It was in September 2007 that five young people met and created the idea of E&M. Europe felt as irrelevant as it felt paralysed at that time. Six years before, in 2001, heads of state and government had met in the Belgian city of Laeken, near Brussels, and seemingly agreed on an epochal move in European integration: the drafting and later adoption of a European Constitution. A fundamental text drafted by a representative convention that should envision and settle the interactions between states and citizens in Europe for generations to come. The new millennium had not started with yet another step of European integration but with the most significant initiative since the signing of the Treaties of Rome in 1957. From a European charter of fundamental rights to a common foreign policy with a European army – every federalist dream appeared just an arm's length away. 

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Sunday, 27 April 2014 00:00

Call for Editors and Managing Editor


Are you interested in journalism, curious to find out what it feels like to work for a truly international, young and motivated team? Then you should apply! E&M magazine is looking for two editors and a managing editor to join our exciting and innovative online magazine and to help us redefine young European journalism.

Photo: Carmen Kong

Invited by the European Youth Press Network, the biggest youth media organisation in Europe, E&M is attending "Integration Europe Online", a one-week training workshop organised by FEJS Macedonia (soon to be renamed as Mladiinfo), a non-profit independent organisation that promotes civil engagement and fosters professional journalism among young Europeans.

These sunny July summer days brought together around 40 young journalists from more than 20 countries, to discuss and share their experience and visions of reporting in Europe. Coming from Armenia, Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbian, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland and, of course, Macedonia, the conversations are truly transnational.

Participants arrived at Ohrid, the hosting city, mostly with no or little knowledge of this country with a population of around two million. Frankly, many of us, including myself, even had embarrassingly little knowledge of this part of Europe.

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