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ISSUE 13 Sneak Preview

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ISSUE 13 is coming! To celebrate our 3 year anniversary we've got a great issue lined up for you. Yes, E&M is 3 years old: bigger, better, and more European! Here's what the 1st of July has in store for you.... 

BRAIN - As the euro zone seems to be on the verge of collapse, we look back at the rise and fall of the Hanseatic League. From the 13th-17th century it was one of the most successful European alliances in history.

HEART - Are young Europeans likely to burn out in a paranoid struggle against the fear of losing their jobs? Who still wants to save the world? And what happened to the famous 'Spaßgesellschaft', the youngsters who lived for a life of parties and a nice, carefree life? Six young people tell us about their visions for the future. 

DIAPHRAGM - France, 1895. A cinema is filled with fear, adrenaline, and the pumping of blood as spectators sit down to see their very first moving picture... We discover how European film rose to glory!

BABY - Following on from last issue's focus on Skype sex, we continue looking at sex and the internet with a great article on gay online dating.

LEGS - Want to apply for a Postgraduate degree? Don't even consider it before you read our essential guide to taking on the 'Master's odyssey' including interviews with students from Oxford University, UK & Lund University, Sweden. 

And that's just the lead articles.... So come and celebrate E&M's third birthday from the 1st of July!! 

The E&M editors x

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If the Editorial team had an actual office it would have to stretch from the corner of Britain to the edges of Spain, Sweden, Germany and beyond. (With frequent trips to America too) .  The term 'from the editorial office' then, is very much a figure of speech. 

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