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Wired in #8: Main Fear Love

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Today's music for the weekend comes from Berlin! The individual band members of Main Fear Love have been playing music for quite a while, but the band only came together in late 2009. The Main Fear Love guys don't strike the typical band poses on their website and their info page resembles a contemporary poem. Their music - post punk - has a dark sound to it which might be due to their singer's extremely low and mysterious voice or the synthesizer effects they use on certain songs. They're perfectionists and record demo after demo before they're completely happy with the result, but they manage to create a fascinating style that to me sounds very much Berlin-like.

E&M: What is characteristic for your sound?

MFL: We offer an alternative to the fidgety indie and electro sound that has been due for a long time. With real guitars, real drums, distinctive bass, but enough catchiness to listen to the songs all day, we refer to the darker and more sinister sounds from the 1980s combined with a psychedelic sonic understanding from the 1960s.

E&M: How did you get this band together?

MFL: It was due to a number of happy coincidences. Regardless of one another, we were in search of other people who wanted to make our kind of music, but could also play their instruments – that is not always that easy. Naturally motivation and ambition had to be the common denominator. 

E&M: What your song writing regimen like?

MFL: Our songs are written at home and are brought into the rehearsal studio as almost finished pieces, where they are given the final touches. Nevertheless there are songs that leave enough room for improvisation, which we interpret differently every time on stage. For example "Inner Circle".

E&M: What has most inspired your music?

MFL: Fear and love.

E&M: Do you think nowadays music can sound "European" at all?

MFL: You can start talking about a regional sound when it comes to things like folk music that sticks to traditions and there are also sounds that can be associated with certain countries – for example British pop rock music or Scandinavian indie but we find it difficult to generalise the area dependence on music nowadays. In the past century that was a lot easier. Especially the course of globalisation has pushed musical boundaries back. But isn't it a universal character that makes the essence of rock music today? At least we as a band do not want to be pigeon-holed, we don't want to create a particular European or German sound. 

E&M: What would be your favourite European city to play a concert in (and why)? 

MFL: That is a difficult question. We would rather tour the whole of Europe than concentrate on one city to experience all facets of this exciting continent. 

E&M: Where can we see you live next?

MFL: We are playing a show at the Leeve Club in Berlin, April 18th.

E&M: And finally, what does Europe mean to you?

MFL: Europe's erstwhile vision already became reality long ago: cultural diversity within a community, freedom, and tradition. Here we have all the possibilities to make our music. In addition to that comes the large appreciation of art and the high number of people who are creatively active in Europe. It's fun to live on a continent that doesn't just establish values, but acts them out.

E&M: Thanks for the interview guys.

For Main Fear Love's latest demo and more check out: www.mainfearlove.com/music.

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