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Wired in #6: The Slips

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Electro Pulse Glitch Pop Renegades. Has any self definition sounded better? The Slips are an electro band from London who produce a maelstrom of heavy beats from two laptops and a drum kit. Blown away by the atmosphere at a gig in the heart of East London, E&M asked them to play at our end of 2010 launch party. They responded with an amazing performance that had people dancing around like mad men. With some highly regarded remixes free on their website, this is a band that will suck you into a style of music you'd probably never considered.  

The Slips - 4 Elements To Make Good Music (Official Video) from The Slips on Vimeo.

E&M: How did the band come together?

The Slips: David and I started the band after working together at Olympic Studios in London. We were writing lots of songs together and were pitching tracks for various artists; we sent a few tracks to Mirwais whom we'd worked with on the Madonna album American Life and he asked us to work on a French artist YAS he was producing at the time. From this we started writing material that we felt was more our own than for other artists and so we emailed a few London venues, picked up some shows, an agent and it kinda went from there. The next thing we knew, Rob da Bank had emailed us asking for our RMX of CSS to play on Radio One!

E&M: What inspires your music - do you have a clear direction you want to go in?

The Slips: We're inspired by other artists and all the great music that's out there. We love playing shows with other bands and DJ's and RMXing also puts you in different musical worlds you'd not normally encounter. We try not to head in any one direction. We're working on an album at the moment that will hopefully be an eclectic mix of genres rather than of one type.

E&M: Where and when can we actually see you live next? 

The Slips: Our last London show for a while is 2nd of April at 'Proud 2'. After that we're heading down to Australia for a few months to play some shows and produce some new acts out there.

E&M: Tell us about your favourite moment with the band.

The Slips: Playing Glastonbury and meeting Michael Evis. Amazing weekend. Playing Secret Garden Party and O2 Wireless was pretty awesome too!

E&M: What's appealing about making music these days?  

The Slips: Getting to do something you love and hopefully make a living out of it. It's an amazing feeling to play in front of hundreds of people all dancing to something you've spent hours crafting in your little studio. Makes it all worthwhile. Modern technology has allowed lots of amazing, talented people to get their ideas out there and there is now the ability to interact and work with people around the world.

E&M: Most of your music comes from computers, how do you think that shapes your live performance?

The Slips: Obviously as a dance band, an element of our live set is sample based but we try and keep it as live and as exciting as possible. We used Ableton live to trigger our sounds but feed a click track to our drummer. David and I both sing live and play synths on stage and we trigger live visuals on stage so hopefully all these culminate in something exciting on stage!

E&M: Where in Europe do you find most creatively inspiring?

The Slips: Wow.. loads of places... Paris is very exciting musically as is Berlin but there is also some amazing music coming from all over. We had an amazing time playing at ADE in Amsterdam and the Berlin Music Festival (hosted in an old airport) was incredible..

E&M: Which European city would you most like to play in?

The Slips: Berlin. They do dance music and clubbing like nowhere else we've been in a long while.

E&M: And finally, what does Europe mean to you?

The Slips: An amazing, open and diverse collection of people, ideas and places. We're pretty lucky to have access to some much on our doorstep.

E&M: Thanks guys, it was great to have you at E&M

Check out more of The Slips at: www.theslipsmusic.com 

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