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Wired in #3: Hybschmann

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When E&M announced the music blog in our newsletter, we got an excited email from one of our readers and Hamburg conference participants, Juliane Schmeltzer Dybkjær, who recommended a band that we needed to cover on Wired in! Hybschmann, a lcoal band in Copenhagen play songs which are easy-going, fun, and have an almost beautiful naivety to them - most interestingly though, they sing in Danish, which could only add to our interest! They consist of five people and got their band's name from their singer and guitarist's last name, (Jeppe) Hybschmann.

E&M: So, first of all: How come you decided to write your lyrics in Danish? 

Hybschmann: Well, because it is with us. It's quite difficult to sing in Danish, but the moment you make a song that actually works, the feeling just makes you want to do more. Our lyrical universe is characterised by Scandinavian feelings, naturalism and impressionism.  

E&M: What are your songs about? Do you write the lyrics together as a band? 

Hybschmann: Jeppe is the one who’s writing the lyrics and the arrangement of chords for most of our songs and then we, as a band, supply our own inputs, making it into a band project. All the lyrics are autobiographical and deal with being isolated in the big city. In more general terms they are about the nature and the human mind.  

E&M: So, what does a typical day with the band look like? 

Hybschmann: We act as a family, which moves us back and forth between having small disagreements and more importantly the opposite: lots of common interests and love for each other.   

E&M: And what was your favourite moment with the band?

Hybschmann: When recording in the studio the atmosphere was incredible. There are too many good moments for us to pick a favourite. But we've agreed that when we are playing a concert and can feel each other feeling the audience it is magical every time!  

E&M: And who would you say has influenced your music most of all people? 

Hybschmann: We are all very different personalities with different tastes in music, which in a way contributes to the creation of our songs. We aren't inspired by a specific person, but the inspiration originates from events and feelings.  

E&M: So what's the most appealing part about making music? 

Hybschmann: The most appealing part is the feeling when you make it perfect. When it all works, you become immortal. In that way the music, being a "stress free" zone, operates like a therapy. The feeling of doing what you love the most! 

E&M: What's your favorite European city? 

Hybschmann: We love living in Copenhagen and like other great European cities it offers something great in its own charming way. 

E&M: Are you planning on playing a show any time soon? 

Hybschmann: Yes. We have two concerts in Copenhagen coming up, all during the next month: Friday, March 11th at Australian Bar, Vestergade 10  and Thursday, April 7th at Studenterhuset, Gammeltorv 10.

E&M: If only I was in Copenhagen! And finally, what does Europe mean to you? 

Hybschmann: We're incredible happy to live in Europe because of the options and opportunities available in art and music.

E&M: It's been nice talking to you, thanks!

For more of Hybschmann: www.myspace.com/hybschman 

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