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Wired in #1: Dave Dixon

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Dave Dixon is a singer/songwriter originally from Bristol, UK but currently living in France. His music ranges from folk to alternative. With his voice, his guitar and a few sweet effects he creates intimate melodies that put you in a lovely dreamy mood! 

E&M: Who's behind the music? Do you write, play, record everything yourself?

DD: Yeah, I record them in my bedroom. Although my girlfriend Gabriella and some other talented friends feature on some of the tracks.

E&M: And which instruments do you play?

DD: Guitar and voice. Although some day I'll learn the drums.

E&M: So, when did you start making music? 

DD: At the age of 14 when my parents bought me my first guitar.

E&M: And the very first CD that you owned? 

DD: It was probably something pretty bad (or without doubt 'Spice'- the Spice Girls' seminal breakthrough album), but 'By The Way' by the Red Hot Chili Peppers was the first album I fell in love with. John Frusciante's vocal harmonies are beautiful and the way he expresses emotion with what's often pretty simple guitar playing is something I aspire to. I loved 'Dosed', for its layers of simple guitar lines that just form an intricate sound.

E&M: You describe your music sounds like you're having fun in your room by yourself. Do you never play with a band?

DD: I nearly always play with Gabriella live, and the afore-mentioned friends also join me at shows. A lot of the time it's pretty unrehearsed but it just comes out of jamming together a lot (which is my favourite thing to do). Sometimes it comes off, sometimes not, but it's a really nice feeling when it comes together. I also play with a band called Sly Paws and that's a much more rock/alternative venture.

E&M: How do you come up with the lyrics to your songs? Do you write about things that actually happened to you?

I do write about real events, although I prefer not to tell a linear story. I like to collage images and ideas together to create a journey through an array of feelings, scenes and thoughts rather than through a straight narrative. I find the music that hits me the most contains lyrics which mean different things at different times, so that each listen brings something new to it. It excites me that the exact meaning of every line in a song isn't initially entirely evident.

E&M: Is there anything else you do apart from making music?

DD: At the moment I'm studying French and Italian, actually. I'm currently on my year abroad but I'm looking forward to finishing and focussing on the music. I enjoy travelling and seeing new places and being around nature.

E&M: What European band or musician do you find most inspiring?

DD: Thinking about it now, I don't think I've ever really been particularly into many European artists. I thought Fionn Regan's (Irish folk singer) first album was stunning, but I find it difficult to name many contemporary European artists that I really admire or love. Musically, I've always been more into American or Canadian music (bar the Spice Girls of course).

E&M: Thanks Dave, its been great talking to you.

For more on David Dixon check out his profile at http://www.myspace.com/davedixonmusic.

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