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E&M is recruiting!

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Online magazine (early 30s, sharp mind, GSOH) seeks editorial types for fun and long-term collaboration.

E&M is an award-winning magazine that gives voice to a generation which thinks about Europe from unconventional perspectives.

It is an outstanding project and we are looking for outstanding people to join us and shape the future of the magazine. We don’t care what you’ve studied or what you do in life. We want talented people, passionate about Europe and motivated to make a difference.

We believe that modern, connected Europe deserves modern, connected media. With this as our guiding mission, we publish transnational writing across a broad range of topics, from politics and identity to travel and sex. In short, we aim to make Europe personal.


Being an editor of E&M means that you are an essential part of a high quality and innovative media platform. As an editorial team we determine the content direction and make the big decisions that influence the future of the magazine.

But E&M isn’t just a magazine, it is a first-rate network of passionate young people. Previous editors have gone on to work for leading press agencies and newspapers in Europe and further afield, blue-chip companies in the finance and communications sectors and high profile public sector organisations. Several have been accepted onto some of the most competitive PhD programmes in the world.


Editors and project managers have special decision rights and responsibilities for managing the magazine. Together they make up the editorial board, which is the control centre of E&M. The board decides on all important developments from the content of the magazine to partnerships. If your application is successful you will join the editorial board and take the lead in exciting areas like:

  • Creating the content of the magazine (e.g. editing a section of the magazine, from commissioning articles and editing submissions to uploading the finished content onto our web platform)
  • Organising the magazine (e.g. running editorial Skype conferences and meetings)
  • Forging partnerships and networks (e.g. communication and negotiations with partners, participation in meetings and conferences)
  • Overseeing funding and spending with regard to the magazine and related projects (e.g. writing funding applications)
  • Planning and running workshops, conferences, training sessions and other activities (from designing concepts to managing the final events)
  • Raising the international profile of E&M (e.g. writing press releases or managing our Facebook and Twitter accounts)

The combination of tasks depends on your personal interests and strengths – you can combine some editing work with some project management work, or focus completely on project management, or devote yourself to improving our website.

We are seeking people with genuine commitment. Your personal work load will depend on your specific tasks, the current status of projects, and your current capacity to devote time to the project.


Are you getting excited? Okay, here are our requirements. Applicants must be...

  • Proficient in English (preferably English on the level C1 of the European reference frame, which is equivalent to iB-TOEFL 100 points or IELTS 6.5 points)
  • Interested in Europe: we understand Europe as a state of mind (and not as another term for the EU) and are looking for your creative, critical, inventive stories
  • Reliable and responsible: E&M is an entirely volunteer-driven project, so we need people who share our enthusiasm and know how to stick to deadlines
  • Team players: what makes E&M special is a great team of young people that you can rely on for inspiration, feedback and fun transnational meetings

How to apply

To apply to E&M as an editor or project manager, go to www.europeandme.eu/application and fill out our online application form. The deadline is 10 November 2015, and we expect to conduct interviews the following week.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at application [at] europeandme.eu

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If the Editorial team had an actual office it would have to stretch from the corner of Britain to the edges of Spain, Sweden, Germany and beyond. (With frequent trips to America too) .  The term 'from the editorial office' then, is very much a figure of speech. 

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