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David Cameron and the European train

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Vignetta def


This month Alice Baruffato continues her series of cartoons for E&M and focuses on an evergreen European topic, alias the UK and its relationship with Europe. Following the general elections' results, David Cameron has re-confirmed himself as the leader of an island that seems to be sceptical about its future presence within the Union. To renegotiate the right of freedom of movement across Europe and to stop (il)legal immigration still appear to be top priorities in 2015 UK. But can Cameron stop the European train? Is it really worth it?  


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Alice Baruffato

Alice Baruffato graduated in Medieval Archaeology in Italy. After some experiences abroad within museums, she is now developing her professional profile as an archaeological illustrator. She has a sincere passion for cultural tourism, which she mostly practices by foot, for cats and cakes!

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