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Pegida and "the Golden Age"

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Alice Baruffato on the theme of Pegida


In her monthly series of cartoons, E&M's Alice Baruffato now focuses on the Pegida movement in Germany. 

For sure, the far right movement holds the headlines and has conquered a firm place in the debate about European integration. But it also seems to have to face some internal problems and a general lack of supporters, as the anti-Pegida and pro-Europe movements are shouting out loud their ideas in many German cities. 

Who is this "full-blood" Saxon ancestor fighting against? An imaginary enemy, finding himself alone on what he thinks is a battle field in the contemporary Saxony/Germany...

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Alice Baruffato

Alice Baruffato graduated in Medieval Archaeology in Italy. After some experiences abroad within museums, she is now developing her professional profile as an archaeological illustrator. She has a sincere passion for cultural tourism, which she mostly practices by foot, for cats and cakes!

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