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Wrap up, pack up

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Despite the long sessions, early mornings and the occasionally impenetrable economic jargon, I have enjoyed the WES. From the very first minute of the Summit I have seen my critical distance as an 'outsider' wither away with speaker by speaker. WES is a slick, professional experience but it is actually good fun! I have heard things I rarely thought could be economics – involving sex, alcohol and crime. I have exercised my laughing muscles. I have spoken to an Executive Director at the Bank of England and a man who single-handedly caused the collapse of a bank and who, if I remember correctly, personally owes £100 million.

All in all, there is just one thing I can confidently say I am not very happy with, and that is the weak, watery coffee given out during lunch. But then still, the biscuits were good. It's a tough call all in all. And to be fair, it's not very important.

So until next year's Summit I hope you take a look at the videos from this year. I hope you feel the spirit of the Summit and I encourage you to take a trip to Warwick – or to a similar student event –  as soon as you get the opportunity. You can go, either physically or through the online streaming that the WES has provided this year. No matter what you study, or if you study at all, "Knowledge is nothing without understanding". Events like the Warwick Economics Summit can help you along that road – it is there to inspire, motivate and bring young students closer to changing the world into a better place with their knowledge.

Photo courtesy of Constantin Postica

Ingvild Skarpeid has been reporting live for E&M at this year's Warwick Economics Summit, UK. 

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