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Europe Through a Lens – January / February 2015

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They say a picture paints a thousand words, so we've set out to discover what photography might be able to tell us about today's Europe.

Here at E&M, we don't just want to know what young Europeans think about Europe, we also want to find out how they see and feel the continent. Sixth Sense plays host to a photo competition called Europe Through a Lens and we regularly publish a selection of our readers' photographic work. All you have to do is submit images that you think best represent our European theme of the month.

To give entrants more time to create their perfect image of Europe, we have decided to start running the competition on a bi-monthly basis.  The theme for the January / February edition is "European landscapes" and entries could be anything from breathtaking coastal views to sight of the dawn peaking out behind snow-capped mountain ranges; we want you to show us the extraordinary scenic variety of this continent we all know and love.

The prize

The top three entries will be published on the E&M website. The winner of first place will be interviewed about their work for Sixth Sense and offered the chance to pitch a piece for the next edition of the magazine. We'll also aim to use as many entries as possible within future magazine and blog articles, so you can show off your skills and get your photos out to a wider audience.

Our judges will be on the lookout for particularly creative and original images. These might tell a story or illustrate an unusual aspect of European society. One thing's for sure, though; they'll all exhibit a deeply personal approach to Europe.

Closing date for this edition of the competition: 25 February 2015

Come on, get snapping!

You can send your entries to photo [at] europeandme.eu

Before submitting, please take a good look at our Terms and Conditions.

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