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Answering The Real Question: Why do I not have a girlfriend?

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This afternoon the Summit reaches its absolute climax, with Peter Backus finally explaining what I have been waiting for all weekend: "Why don't I have a girlfriend?" (Or rather in my case, why I don't have a boyfriend!) Take ten minutes to see his amazing talk here!

Paul Mason from Newsnight also makes a swift appearance this afternoon (for you non-British people, Newsnight is one of the most popluar and important news shows on BBC every night.)

Paul Mason of the BBC

In the last break of the WES I meet Joseph from Manchester who is sitting with some of the friends he has made at the Summit. I tentatively try to ask them how they are feeling after three hardcore days of meetings and seminars. Are they not tired? Isn't some of this really boring? Can you give me anything – anything – negative to say about WES?

"The Summit is amazing! It is no wonder that it's arguably the best economic student event in the whole of the UK." I look at Joseph's friends. They are nodding in agreement.

In my attempt to see if I can track down a disgruntled delegate, I corner three Erasmus students: Iva, Gerard and Léa. Coming from a foreign perspective they all agree on one thing. Iva, a Bulgarian doing her finance degree in Madrid explains: "The students here seem to be a lot more interested in their subject than at the universities we come from. I don't think that UK universities are better, on the contrary I think my university in Spain is better than my host university here in England, but the students here are so motivated."

And I have to agree – it is inspiring to see students putting together a weekend conference packed with policy experts, media celebrities as well as traditional academics. It makes me think that this is possible not only here, but across Europe and of course the world. What's more – if I am to believe the speakers I have talked to at the WES, it is important and beneficial to a number of disciplines to have international summits like this, even on an undergraduate student level.

Photo: L-R: Joseph (Manchester), Cheng (London), Medalynn (London), Nicholas (Birmingham) 

Ingvild Skarpeid is reporting live for E&M at this year's Warwick Economics Summit, UK.

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