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Europe at night

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They say a picture paints a thousand words, so we've set out to discover what photography might be able to tell us about today's Europe and are pleased to announce the winners of our November competition.

Though the theme may have been "Europe at night", the entries to this month's photo competition Europe Through a Lens could not have been more colourful. Darkness was well and truly banished, and light in all of its manifold guises took centre stage.

Several photos were in the running for the top spot, but it was Junyuan Chen's image Star that eventually claimed first place. The judges were particularly struck by the way it seemed to make the moment last for a long time and also praised Junyuan's technique, wondering how many attempts were needed to get the shot right. The 22-year-old Chinese photographer, who is currently studying at the University of Glasgow, will be interviewed for Sixth Sense about his work and invited to pitch a piece of photojournalism for E&M. We're very excited to hear more about his photographic endeavours, and in the meantime, why not take a look at his Flickr account.

In a quirk of the anonymous scoring process, second place went to another of Junyuan's entries Before the party, which was the only black and white photo submitted this time around. It was described by one judge as being "pleasingly enigmatic", while another noted the clever angle from which it was taken.

Third place was awarded to Berlin-based Will Clark for his wide-angle shot of the Polish capital Warsaw Illuminated: Religion, Socialism, Capitalism, Reflection, which impressed the judges because of the ambition involved in trying to capture all of a country's recent history in one go. Will has been with us before, having won second place back in August with an unusual image taken at Lake Garda in Italy during an amphicar rally.

Many congratulations to the winners and a big thank you everyone who took part. Don't worry if you missed the competition deadline, though; Europe Through a Lens will be back with a new theme for December very shortly.


Star 640x427
 First place: Star (Junyuan Chen)


Before the party 640x427
 Second place: Before the party (Junyuan Chen)


Warsaw Illuminated - Religion Socialism Capitalism Reflection 640x200
 Third place: Warsaw Illuminated: Religion, Socialism, Capitalism, Reflection (Will Clark)
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