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The Summit Kicks Off!

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We have already been greeted in the Chancellor’s Suite with a glass of wine (or two) when we’re welcomed into the first talk of the Warwick Economics Summit (WES).I’ve just been promised a weekend extravaganza by the Summit coordinator, andconsequently I’ve decided that I will indeed sit back and relax. (I’m a bit scared that I’ll be a little too relaxed here at the back, after all it is Friday night and we have been given free alcohol. )

But I actually cannot sleep through this, despite the dimmed lights here at the back ofthe Ramphal lecture theatre. Somehow the WES has found a set of people capable of making economics - even on a Friday evening - interesting. After one hour I have heard about the links between dating and alcohol, and which isbetter: commuting or sex? Tim Harford, or “The Undercover Economist”, promises to illuminate “boobs and booze” – again, after all it is Friday night. Tim has got my full attention.

The Economist’s prominent Editor Daniel Franklin tells us that five dustmen proved to be more right about the development of the world than a set of economists at, that’s right, The Economist. Hmm.

So far the WES is a lot of fun – the proof? At my perfectly placed position at the back of this dimly lit, hot-aired lecture theatre I have so far not seen a single person sink down in their seat and close their eyes (as is, let’s be fair, not unusual at these kind ofevents).

And as this day’s sessions of lectures ends, I already can’t wait to see tomorrow’s speakers. Until then, I would like to leave you with the wise words of Tim Harford: "No matter what you're doing - commuting or having sex.. It's always better with someone else."

Ingvild Skarpeid is reporting live for E&M at this year's Warwick Economics Summit, UK.

Main photo:Andy Chayton, RBS courtesy of Alexander Hogström

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