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The Future of Reporting Europe Workshop

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Winter is our favourite season at E&M: workshop time! For the third time after Hamburg (January 2011) and Berlin (December 2011), the European online magazine organised a workshop to spread the word on transnational journalism and at the same time bring together a select bunch of European ‘Me’s with the ‘Me’s of E&M. With 400 applications, the selection was tough, but certainly worthwhile. The workshop brought four E&M editors together with 18 top-notch participants, whose backgrounds in journalism were both diverse and ambitious, ranging from European press review to euro|topics, Al Jazeera, Radio France International, BBC, Café Babel magazine, and Cosmopublic.eu. (And of course, some had contributed to E&M itself.) Ages spanned from 19 to 30, and 15 countries were gathered around one table.

They didn’t stay around one table for long, though. After an introductory session about transnationalism led by our own Sixth Sense editor Philip Wallmeier, and a discussion on the idea of a European Public Sphere – led by Clemens Schöll from Journalistenschule Berlin – participants set off to do some field work. Having picked a range of topics to investigate, they spent the afternoon walking the streets of Berlin: at the Holocaust Memorial, in the African neighbourhoods in Berlin-Wedding, at graffiti sites, and in a unique cemetery café. 

The fruits of that afternoon’s work will become part of an E&M Special Print Edition (the very first of its kind!). If you have ever wondered how Berliners feel about Germany’s colonial past, or what it is like to produce electro grunge in Berlin, stay tuned for the edition to be downloadable soon here at E&M!

Future_of_Reporting_Europe_02The following two days were balanced between theory and practice – with dedicated journalism seminars led by Jess Smee (currently working with Media in Cooperation and Transition) on the future of journalism in an online world, the pitfalls of the internet and working ethics, and Christoph Janosch Delcker (working with Spiegel Online Berlin), who showed participants the best ways to use multimedia to tell a story.

The participants also laid the groundwork for an exciting new E&M project: a bumper Special Edition on the topic of Fortress Europe, which will be published in 2014. This will be packed with articles on issues ranging from post-graduate mobility to integration of Syrian refugees in Bulgaria, and immigration controls right at the border of the European Union. This planned edition will make use of lots of multimedia tools as well as more traditional approaches.

All work and no play makes for a tiring event – so we made sure to keep room for an evening programme where participant could relax and meet for a drink, in some of Berlin’s coolest cafes and bars.

Such an ambitious workshop would not have been possible without our supporters. E&M would like to thank Allianz Cultural Foundation for co-financing the workshop, as well as the Hertie School of Governance and Citizens of Europe for hosting the workshop. E&M also wants to send a massive thank you and well-well-done to all those who through their talents, experience, enthusiasm made this workshop what it was: another great source of inspiration, motivation and passion, towards the future of reporting Europe!

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Christian Diemer

Christian Diemer, 28, is from Rottweil in South Germany. Having studied musicology, arts management, and composition in Weimar, he is now writing from Berlin and obscure spots in East Europe, where he is currently working on his PhD thesis about traditional music in Ukraine. 

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