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Live from Warwick Economics Summit

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Can economics explain why I don't have a girlfriend?

The Warwick Economics Summit is one of the largest student-run events in Europe, and takes place at University of Warwick from the 18th to the 20th of February 2011. Participants from over 50 different universities are represented this year, from as far away as Rio de Janeiro and Massachusetts. There is fierce competition between students every year to secure a ticket for the Summit, and this year the tickets reserved for the Warwick students were sold out in only four days!

So - why would anyone sane in their early twenties voluntarily spend valuable time and money to go on a weekend away to discuss - economics? Are the participants at the WES simply a bit crazy about their subject – or even a bit mad in general - or could it be that economics can be fun? In fact, these young students from all over Europe seem to take part in a new, transnational trend: students are crossing borders to share knowledge and experiences as a part of their studies.

400 students representing a wide array of different nationalities will be gathering at Warwick for the Summit, and they will attend a number of talks, seminars, a panel debate and networking sessions with top academics and experts in economics and politics. Equally important, they will socialise and make new friends and contacts from all across Europe and the world.

E&M will be present at this year's Summit as it celebrates its 10th anniversary. We will try to tell you why economics can help you find out why you're single, how (not) to single-handedly ruin a bank and find the links between crime and economics. We will be giving you the hottest, newest insights in economics, the best speakers and the stories of lifelong friendships built during this cold, but vibrant weekend in Warwick.

Ingvild Skarpeid will be reporting live for Europe & Me at this year's Summit.

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