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Greetings from a Europhile on her way home

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As the Shake-up Europe! conference comes to an end, with people leaving for home and the rest of us kicking back and enjoying a much needed café au lait, there is time to look back and reflect on five crazily busy days. I've really enjoyed being here and meeting so many new people working with European journalism, and it has been very inspiring to learn about the approaches and points of view of the different editorial offices across Europe.

What I find very interesting about this conference is that even though all of the different European media have very diverse approaches and goals with their work, we all deal with the same challenges and questions. Is there such a thing as 'European journalism'? If so, how should the editorial line of a magazine approach this sub-genre? And what is this Europeanism really about?

After this conference, I may not have the answer to all these questions, but I have definitely become aware that there are literally thousands of ways to write about Europe and convey everything that is happening here. Luckily, these European media are realizing some of these ways in their daily work.

I do know, however, why people are so passionate about and fascinated by Europe. I will happily admit that I am a Europhile, and, walking the streets of beautiful Strasbourg, drinking coffee, eating croissants and enjoying the cold, crisp afternoon air, I think to myself: how could I not be? Happy afternoon to you all!

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If the Editorial team had an actual office it would have to stretch from the corner of Britain to the edges of Spain, Sweden, Germany and beyond. (With frequent trips to America too) .  The term 'from the editorial office' then, is very much a figure of speech. 

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