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„Does the Eurogeneration have anything to say?“

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Live from Strasbourg, E&M representatives report from the heart of the debate:

Heated discussions take place in the wood-panelled restaurant "Le Strissel" in Strasbourg, where Alsatian journalist Gilles Chavanel chairs a lunch debate with representatives of young European media. Although he tries to be investigative and critical, he actually tends to adhere to the worn out clichés of those refusing to live in a European present - a present which is best proved by the Strasbourg gathering itself. 

This present is not – as Chavanel theorises – Brussels determining more than fifty percent of daily life through its ballooning legislative and bureaucratic apparatus. Indeed at the conference there are young European media covering this institutional side of the EU and successfully sparking interest among a growing number of readers, such as MPNews or Les Euros du Village. Yet E&M authors Ingvild and Christian agree with a majority in the room that this is only half the picture. For the „European generation’s“ daily life Europe has many other meanings, as Café Babel Paris head Katharina Kloss insists.

Europe to them means communicating in several languages, thinking beyond borders, feeling at home in more than one country. Europe they see as the term to grasp the dense and intertwined cultural and historical wickerwork of a region which fascinates them precisely for that reason. Europe, for them, has to do with being pluralist, curious, open-minded and sexy. Of course one can argue that this Europe is not yet evident to a lot of people, and that those who are passionate about it are still the relatively privileged and educated ones. Still, in the end it becomes clear that this is really thanks to the voices carping about the invisibility of Europe - and not to those who are living their vision of Europe every day.

Chavanel concludes that while Europe is not relevant, European journalism won’t be relevant. Europe and E&M prove that he has missed something.

E&M's Lucy, Christian, Ingvild, and Juliane are reporting from Shake-up Europe!

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