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Wired in #22: Gandhi's Gunn

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Now here's a band for all the hard rock fans out there! Ghandi's Gunn is a stoner rock band from Genoa, Italy that just got their first album out with an independent record label last year. They have a truly developed, dark sound and play some powerful riffs. Their stage experience combined with their singer's extraordinary voice definitely makes this band special and definitely worth checking out! Read E&M's interview with  all the band members and find out what they think about Genoa's music scene, stoner rock, and EU politics.


E&M: So, what's the lifestyle of an Italian stoner rock band like?

Hobo: It's the lifestyle of someone who is somewhere between living for the music and struggling to survive for all the rest.

E&M: Is there a big rock scene in Genoa?

Maso: We are in good company, but it’s not easy to gain visibility and in our town there are bands who deserve something more, like Vanessa van Basten, Stalker, 2Novembre, PEK …. Unfortunately in Italy there is not a strong rock culture and commercial, melodic pop is what people like the most.

E&M: I saw that you've already been playing with bands from all over the world. What was that like, how did you meet them?

Hobo:  The possibility to confront us with foreign bands is surely stimulating and exiting, and in most cases it was due to the Garbage Dumb Booking Agency, that supported us from the beginning.

E&M: Do you feel particularly Italian when you play with Gandhi's Gunn?

Maso: In some reviews we’ve been defined “spaghetti stoner” and according to someone we remind of the atmospheres of Sergio Leone’s Movies and it means, that even if we draw our inspiration from American bands, there’s always something Italian that comes out.

E&M: I'm wondering how you came up with your band name. Is music Gandhi's weapon?

Hobo:  Well, in fact we just play with the sounds of the words, but the pun is not what you think, as a matter of fact, as you’ve probably noticed, gunn is with two “n”. Anyway, we prefer not to reveal the real meaning of our name, but we could give you a clue: Ben Gunn ;)

E&M:  Can you tell us a bit about the stoner rock movement?

Maso: Talking about the stoner movement is a complex thing. We cannot sum up in one sentence a genre that has its roots in the hard rock of the 70s, that has been infected by psychedelia and metal, then turned into doom or carried to the extreme to become sludge… However we can say that Thirty years it’s our tribute to the most classic version of the genre, inspired by Kyuss, Corrosion Of Conformity, Melvins, Orange Goblin.

E&M: Why do you identify with it?

Hobo: Stoner rock is the tie that binds all our inspirational bands and the imaginary related to this genre is what represents us the most. 

E&M: I'm curious about Italy and the EU. Surely these times aren't the best for the Union, what would you say Italians feel towards the EU at the moment?

Andrew: Hard question to answer!  I think there's no sense of belonging to the EU for most of the Italian population: We are too tied to our traditions, culture, clichés, and that creates a feeling of disconnection from the Union, especially if you think about our political, economic and social situation! If these are hard times for Europe, they are worse for Italy!

E&M: And what does Europe mean to you?

Andrew: In my opinion Europe means something to discover! There are so many awesome places to visit and it would be really nice travel a bit around as a band!

E&M: Thanks for the interview guys! 

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Gandhi's Gunn live at Balla Coi Cinghiali 2011

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