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Festival guest of the day #4

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Andreas is 34 and lives in Copenhagen. I knew he had to be festival guest of the day when I heard that this year is an anniversary for him, and quite an impressive one as well. This year is Andreas' 20th year in a row at Roskilde!

Andreas is here for the atmosphere. He wonders if he would go only for the music, but thinks that he wouldn't - although, as you an imagine, is it hard to separate music and atmodphere after twenty years at the festival. "Even when the music program is weak, I still go, and I still have a good time," he says. When asked to describe Roskilde Festival in three words, he says "time warp" (you can literally forget what time it is when all you do is go to concerts, drink beer, and eat burgers), "all-embracing" and "intense". His best Roskilde memory made me green with envy: "Back in 1996, I was right in front of Orange Stage when Rage Against the Machine played. It was right when they were most succesful, and they are notorious for their live performances. Right after the concert, I stayed in front of Orange Stage, and Aerosmith went on. That was a crazy day, music-wise." However, Andreas thinks it is hard to determine one favorite Roskilde memory - because really, it is always the same, at least the atmosphere - and thank God for that!


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