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Roskilde festival guest of the day #1

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Anna is 30 years old and part Polish, part Welsh. She has been to Roskilde Festival once before, in 1999.

When asked what matters most at Roskilde - the music or the atmosphere - she answered: "Both are very important to me, although I have to say the music is a bit more important than the atmosphere."

I asked Anna to describe Roskilde Festival in three words - she came up with the very poetic "wildness, borderlessness and enjoyment."

She also told me about her favourite memory from Roskilde, which turned out to be a very fresh one: "This morning as I was returning to my camp after a night shift here at the festival, the view was just beautiful. You could see the sunrise on the horizon, but the moon was still up. Even though it was late at night or very early morning, people were still up and were partying. One camp were listening to some very loud African jungle music and dancing around. The atmosphere was wonderful."

Juliane Schmeltzer Dybkjær is an accredited reporter for E&M at Roskilde Festival 2011.

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