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E&M is recruiting!

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E&M is recruiting: online magazine (early 30s, sharp mind, GSOH) seeks editorial types (18-35) for fun, collaboration, and the experience of a lifetime.

Writers/Photographers/Videographers wanted.

E&M are looking for passionate and inventive contributors across all forms of multimedia. Do you make videos or podcasts? Or take photography that could transport our audience to the heart of Europe? If so, we want you. As a contributor to E&M, you will be published on a Charlemagne Award -winning online platform with a wide international readership. We see our mission as providing a truly European perspective on issues from the obvious to the esoteric, from the EU to marriage agencies in Ukraine.

Take it from us, this is a wonderful way to gain journalistic experience and produce some fantastic and exciting things.

You will have the freedom to pursue your own journalistic interests, supported by our team of dedicated volunteer editors. We will offer you the opportunity to collaborate with writers from every corner of Europe and keep you up to date on competitions, workshops and other transnational journalistic events. This is a unique chance to get involved with an exciting, modern, and truly transnational project. All we ask for in return is a commitment to creating a minimum of two pieces of content for the magazine, or our Sixth Sense current affairs blog each year. This is a great opportunity to gain editorial experience in an exciting youth-focused, international format.

Journalistic experience is an advantage, but it is not essential. If you are under 35 years of age and are keen to make a contribution towards an international dialogue about Europe, we want you to apply. We welcome applications from a wildly diverse range of people — past and current editors hail from places as far-flung as Brazil and Hong Kong — with a diverse range of talents. If this sounds like you, your challenge is to excite us.

  • Researching and writing articles (or blog entries) for the magazine, including communication with section editors
  • Blogging from events around Europe
  • Taking photos or video footage of people, events and landscapes to illustrate our stories or publish as standalone multimedia journalism
  • A mixture of the above

To apply please email application[at]europeandme.eu with ‘Editorial Application’ in the subject line, and attach the following:

  • Your motivation: A short paragraph explaining why you want to work for E&M.
  • Some ideas: Please tell us some areas/tasks you would like to address in your work for E&M. e.g. writing articles for a particular section/sections, proofreading.
  • Work examples: Please attach or link to examples of your work( journalistic writing samples, photos etc.). Academic writing is not appropriate.

Deadline: Ongoing


Illustrators wanted!

E&M is looking for passionate and talented illustrators. Whether you're a whiz with watercolours or a photoshop prodigy, we'd love to hear from you. Contributing artwork is yet another way to involve yourself in an award-winning (and highly rewarding) charitable project, and to see your work published. Whether it be cartoons depicting European leaders or illustrations of European scenes, we are looking to turbo-charge our visual output. (And we're open to ideas too, so if you want to create something that speaks to European identity in a way we haven't thought of, tell us!)

This is a terrific opportunity to build up a portfolio of published work.

You don't have to have published artwork in the past; all we ask for is enthusiasm, commitment to contributing to transnational discussion, and that you show us what you can do. Be ambitious and creative. If you are under 35 years of age and are keen to make a contribution towards an international dialogue about Europe, we want you to apply. We welcome applications from a wildly diverse range of people — past and current contributors hail from places as far-flung as Brazil and Hong Kong — with a diverse range of talents. If this sounds like you, your challenge is to excite us.

To apply, please email application[at]europeandme.eu (Subject line: Illustrator Application) with examples of your previous work if you have it, your name, age, and occupation, and complete the following tasks.

  • Choose any article from the current issue of E&M and describe how you'd create illustrations to accompany it. We'd encourage applicants to at least mock-up what the illustration/illustrations would look like.
  • Suggest two original ideas for illustrations you believe would fit in an issue of E&M and justify your ideas. Create one of these.

Deadline: Ongoing


Web experts wanted!

E&M is looking to recruit expert technical help for our website.

Our website (europeandme.eu) has served us well, but as 2016 gets older it has begun to feel tired, and we are looking for people who can do two things with us: 1) work with our editorial board to design and implement an exciting modern replacement, and 2) act as ongoing technical support. We are open to the possibility of these elements been handled by seperate people. 

If you want to work with an international team to help transform our popular website into an exciting multimedia platform hosting transnational journalism of every variety, this could be the job for you. Great content requires a great website both in terms of looks and functionality, this is where we feel we need an expert or two, which could be you.

This is a flexible role in which the candidate(s) would have a considerable amount of freedom to pursue their own interests, projects and ideas. But the core requirements you would be expected to fulfil include:

  • Developing and implementing improvements to our design and information architecture.
  • Overseeing the publication of a new edition of E&M once every three months.
  • Providing occasional technical support to the editorial board, in case of virus attacks.
  • Our website currently uses Joomla, so experience with this content management system is a major advantage. (But as discussed: we are open to using a different CMS in future.)
  • The workload will vary depending on the stage of the production cycle, but essential duties will rarely exceed more than two hours' work per week.

In return you'll get useful experience in a whole range of areas relating to content management and web design. Perhaps more importantly though, this is a unique opportunity to work with a group of young people on a project we are genuinely passionate about. We hope you will be too.

E&M is an entirely voluntary, charitable organisation and not for profit. This said, for the right project and web-developer(s), we have the capacity invest a small amount in bringing our web presence up to date.

Interested? Think you could help? Have an idea to push our magazine forward? Get in touch! For more information contact application[at]europeandme.eu.

Deadline: June 10th



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If the Editorial team had an actual office it would have to stretch from the corner of Britain to the edges of Spain, Sweden, Germany and beyond. (With frequent trips to America too) .  The term 'from the editorial office' then, is very much a figure of speech. 

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