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Written by Wiebke Seemann

"Are you hungry? – Are you European?" The inventors of EuropeAndMeal presented their idea of a multinational sandwich. They had entered the competition to find "The future European snack", the next big thing in Europe's food industry. And, somehow they managed to convince a very harsh jury of well-known cooks, food critiques and experts for European identity from the University of Leiden.

Today, the "Do you Speak European?" workshop was all about food and traditions in Europe. When it comes to birthdays though, we should almost hope that not all national practices will make their way into a common European culture - they can be quite disturbing! In Poland you get hit with a belt on your 18th birthday, in Germany you get publicly humiliated if you are not married at 30 and in Spain people might pull you by the ears. Marriages can be challenging as well: In some regions of Romania people dance with chickens on their heads and in Slovenia men debate about the price they would pay for the bride… if you are really unlucky, it is just around 400 Euros.

However, there is one thing which all nationalities have in common: There are special meals for big occasions like Christmas. Each national group prepared traditional food from their home country and presented it to the others. There were so many different delicious dishes that it is hard to name them all. So, I decided to create "the future European Christmas meal." In my opinion, it should be a Polish barszcz as a starter, a German Frikadelle, with a Spanish tortilla de patatas and Turkish Bulgur as a main course and, finally, Romanian Poale în Brâu and British mince pies as desert. Merry Christmas!


This workshop was organized in cooperation with: Kulturstiftung.Compressed
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This project is financed with support from the European Union through the program YOUTH IN ACTION. The content of this project does not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union or the national agency JUGEND für Europa and they cannot be held responsible for them.

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