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Getting ready for the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum

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First of all: Thank you!

Thank you to the 6,538 people who participated in our survey about EU Foreign Policy over the last two months. You helped us create the biggest insight ever provided into young Europeans' opinions on this topic. We didn't reach the 10,000 but we are still very proud of the results and want to keep our promise by making all of your voices heard.

Our partners the Körber Foundation and the German Foreign Office were so impressed that eight people were able to encourage 6,000 people to participate that we are still going to the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum. So this weekend, eight E&M authors, editors, and readers from seven different countries met in Berlin to analyse your answers. Of course, we want to be well prepared for meeting different Ministers for Foreign Affairs, Ambassadors, experts and journalists from your countries on November 29th!

When we started on Friday night I was quite impressed by some of the results and, more generally, by how many politically interested young people there seem to be in Europe – and not only Europe: We had participants from the U.S., China, Venezuela, etc! There are definitely many people out there who have an opinion on European Foreign Policy! We started Saturday with a short briefing on German Foreign Policy. I'd love to tell you what was said, but we agreed to Chatham house rules!

We then had to make decisions over who is going to grill the politicians at the Forum itself. Representing young Europeans in the opening panel, and sitting alongside the Ministers for Foreign Affairs of Germany, Poland and Greece, Matt, Editor of the Sixth Sense (from the UK) and Ingvild, E&M author (from Norway) are going to be there discussing the survey results. The rest of the participants will try to get as many politicians, ambassadors, professors and journalists on our Blue Sofa: there, they will be confronted with your views on EU Foreign Policy. Our interviews will be recorded and we plan to have them available online on the Sixth Sense!

We spent Saturday afternoon scrutinising the lists of Forum participants for the most interesting interview partners and learning interview techniques from our cameraman, Janosch, who's been featured on Wired In. After some more to-do-listing and discussions about the aftermath of the Forum we finished the day – happy and exhausted. So far, it was great fun, and although it was a lot of work, and we are confident that we'll be able to represent you well at the Forum. Most of all, we can't wait to see your interpretations of the survey. Check the Sixth Sense during the next days to see the most exciting results and discuss the outcome. We are looking forward to reading your comments!

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