In April and May 2012, E&M Magazine and FutureLab Europe carried out a survey among 464 young Europeans regarding their views on social justice and the idea of an unconditional basic income.

Johannes Himmelreich then represented E&M at the European Foundation Centre's 23rd Annual General Assembly and Conference in Belfast, Northern Ireland to discuss the results of our survey with experts and to represent the voice of young Europeans at the Europe@debate session organised by the Körber Foundation. For Johannes, it was crucial that young people be involved in this debate: "As with many discussions concerning the future of Europe, the future of Europe is actually under represented. In Belfast we proved yet again that we young Europeans can have a good and substantial debate. We gathered the data and we have the arguments. The question is: do old Europe leaders and thinkers want to engage?"

The Survey


With our set of data we tried to get a snapshot view of what young European consider to be the biggest advantages and obstacles to an unconditional basic income and of course, what they consider an appropriate amount of money. Johannes presented the results in Belfast - and he thinks one of the most significant issues raised by the survey is the difference between the way most young Europeans think wealth should be distributed, and the way it really is distributed (see image above): "I find it interesting that on the one hand our data shows that we have a massive economic inequality issue. What people want to be the case and the status quo are miles apart. However, on the other hand possible solutions for this situation - one of which could be basic income - are so rarely discussed. Maybe our perception of the extent of the inequalities our society faces is just too optimistic."

Is social justice something we need to address more on a European level? Click here to read our report and to find out what our respondents thought about these questions and to get an insight into how polarising the idea of an unconditional basic income really is. 


The Debate



This survey was co-organised by Europa neuer Ideen e.V. / Europe of new Ideas, the legal association which is behind E&M. logo_eni
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