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Mathew Shearman (E&M), Foreign Ministers Dimas (Greece), Westerwelle (Germany), Sikorski (Poland), and Ingvild Skarpeid (E&M) debate Germany's role in Europe.

E&M mobilised over 6500 Europeans from 23 different countries to contribute their views to the first ever Berlin Foreign Policy Forum. Representatives from E&M joined an influential gathering of European leaders and foreign policy makers in Berlin. The event was organised by the Körber Foundation, in cooperation with the German Federal Foreign Office, to commemorate their 60th anniversary. 

The Survey

Over a two month period, we conducted a survey across the continent to investigate what Young Europeans (under 35 years old) thought about EU foreign policy and wider foreign policy issues in Europe. 

We worked together with the Körber Foundation to select seven representatives from across different European states to prepare the questionnaire and to promote it among young Europeans. Respondents from over 23 European countries chose to make their voice heard through the survey and demonstrated that young Europeans are indeed interested in EU foreign policy and have a critical voice on the way its conducted.

With this remarkable set of data, E&M was invited to take a prominent role in the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum. Mathew Shearman (Sixth Sense Editor) & Ingvild (Author) participated in the opening panel of the event, discussing the role of Germany in Europe, and raising issues that had concerned young Europeans in teh survey. Throughout the day the E&M team also conducted a series of interviews, including German Minister of Foreign Affairs, Guido Westerwelle, and other high level politicians.

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On Germany:

Rike Maier interviews German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle

Ingvild Skarpeid interviews German Defence Minister Thomas De Mazière


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