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workshop "Do you speak European?"

Photo: E&M
Laura and Przemek doing an interview: how do you envision your future?

At E&M we write about our experiences in and with Europe all the time, but when someone asks, “so where, when, what is Europe exactly?”, it can be difficult to give a satisfying answer. That’s why we decided to engage more intensively with this question. And even though we didn’t know exactly where, when and what Europe is, we had an idea how to look for it: we know Europe from personal senseperience (English doesn't really have a word for the way we relate to Europe every day), so why not start searching there. Because personal senseperience differs and to make this endeavour more successful, we invited 24 young Europeans to find out more about Europe together with us: the workshop, “Do you speak European?”, took place from the 15 to the 22 of December 2011 in Berlin.

Photo: Robert Debowski (CC-SA)
Berlin: a great city to senseperience Europe.

With participants from Poland, Spain, Romania, Turkey, Germany and the UK aged between 17 and 26, the group of people assembled in Berlin was diverse – great to senseperience Europe as fully as possible: through people, by getting to know them; through the legs,  by discovering Berlin’s unique history and diversity; through the heart, by compiling music and reading poetry or by talking about your beliefs; through the stomach, by cooking for others and dining together; through the mind, by finding out how others see their future; through common senseperience. If you want to know about this common senseperience: Read our special one-off section of E&M!

So where, when, what is Europe exactly? Well, weren't you paying attention?

This event was organised by Europa neuer Ideen e.V. / Europe of new Ideas, the legal association which is behind E&M. logo_eni
In cooperation with: Kulturstiftung.Compressed
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This project is financed with support from the European Union through the program YOUTH IN ACTION. The content of this project does not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union or the national agency JUGEND für Europa and they cannot be held responsible for them.

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