In September 2012, E&M participated in the event "Does Europe Lack Cohesion?", a panel discussion hosted by the Körber Foundation in Hamburg, Germany. On the panel, E&M author Julia Schulte discussed the idea of European identity and European future with experts from Eurozine and FutureLabEurope, and Croatian journalist Slavenka Drakulić, who has given some interesting insights on Europe before.

Photo: Körber Foundation / Jann Willken
Europe@Debate: (from left to right) Julia Schulte, Saila Huusko, Mattias Naß and Slavenka Drakulić.

Prior to the event, Julia Schulte had travelled to Bosnia and Herzegovina to investigate whether the idea of European identity exists in a country where ethnicity still matters more than a sense of belonging. Her travel log was a fresh reminder that European identity may only exist in the minds of Europeans who have travelled, and who have seen something "non-European".

Our correspondent Leire Ariz Sarasketa reported live from the event, and concluded that "European identity is a sandwich [...] A sandwich because you can add different layers - such as local, regional, national or European identities - and because adding one doesn't mean you need to take out another. That is, European identity is diverse and not exclusive."




This event was co-organised by Europa neuer Ideen e.V. / Europe of new Ideas, the legal association which is behind E&M. logo_eni
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