The_story_of_the_smiling_camelHave you ever told a pink lie? Are you willing to wait until the cow lays an egg? Our European dictionary is here to teach you to speak European.

paper_smallHow important is our language to our identity? Read our pan-European poem to find out how we feel about it.

filmingWith the help of filmmaker Christoph Janosch Delcker, we created a documentary about what we believe in. And now we're asking you!

andreaE&M organised our very own Song Contest. The catch? Everyone had to sing in a foreign language.

cafeNeukölln, Kreuzberg, Charlottenburg... Whether you're drinking mulled wine, eating Currywurst or talking to the locals, each area of Berlin is different.

pepe"We'll skype every day!" Long distance relationships aren't easy - as one couple finds out in our photo love story.

I_love_youWhat does it mean when a Belgian holds up his little finger? How does a Romanian signal approval? Find out what you can say without words in Europe.

thumbnailIf life was a tree, how would our branches be growing? Five pairs of young Europeans interviewed each other and shared their life plans with E&M

soup_potE&M has published our first book - and we're proud to say that it's an international cookbook! All recipes were tested in a crowded Berlin kitchen.

beyzaWant to know what this workshop was all about? Here's how it was funded, who was involved and how you can be part of it.

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