For a group of young Europeans, the future is mysterious; unknown. But it is also full of room for exploration, adventures and childhood dreams. The participants at our  "Do you speak European?" workshop interviewed each other on their future life plans - here, we introduce you to five of them.

"I don't believe in Love"

Written by Jose Luis Villalta

Do you know the kind of conformist who does nothing but complain about life? Cristina Sologon, a 24-year-old from Romania, is just the opposite of that.

When we were asked to create a poster about the most important things in our lives, she came up with a folded paper boat on which precise symbols of her life had been drawn. From that moment, I knew that I was dealing with a special person.

Cristina grew up in a modest family, but she was always the best during her academic years. She is still the best in her job in Bucarest, where she works as an IT Consultant. Although she was very focused on her education, she managed to make a bunch of close friends, who are still an important part of her life.

Photo: Kliefi (CC-NC-SA)
Cristina thinks that true love is a loooong shot now, but who knows what the future holds for her?

Not only has she been a brilliant student but she has also been involved in volunteering projects. Non-conformism has always been one of the principles in her life, and she analyses thoroughly what she wants to do and what she does not need. Cristina is not afraid of the future; actually, she is quite optimistic about it. As soon as she gets some expertise in her field, she will hopefully set up her own business as a freelancer. It seems to be the perfect match in order to fulfil two of her passions: travelling around the world and a successful and meaningful career. This beautiful and smart girl has a well-defined roadmap, but she is still absolutely open to suggestions. What is more, Cristina is aware of the fact that expectations are not always met, and she keeps her mind open in the case of need. Nevertheless, travelling and meeting people from different cultures is non-negotiable for her. Even though she does not believe in love now, she has fallen in love in the past. In her opinion, love is somewhat overrated in these times: it can just be an illusion rather than a true feeling. In the coming years, someone will see a magnificent boat on the seas, and there will be the Captain Cristina and their children (according to her, 2, hopefully) travelling their way around the world. She may not believe in love now, but she will someday.

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