Weird but true - it was because of her ex that Susu met and fell in love with Federico.

Weird: Susu, a law student from Munich, wanted to spend her Erasmus Paris. It was because of her ex that she changed her plans and decided to go to Strasbourg with him instead.

Weird: Susu and her ex broke up before even starting their Erasmus year. But still: they both went to study there. "Erasmus life really opened my eyes", says Susu.

That happened almost too late. Susu and Fede almost didn't happen at all. It was 15 days before "Fede", as his friends call Frederico, returned home to Florence when they finally kissed. „Now or never", she thought. And: „It will never work out." No need to mention that Fede was already in love. Head over heels.

It had taken several attempts for Fede to get hold of Susu. At the start of his Erasmus year in Strasbourg he wanted to invite her to a party at his flat. The missing detail - he did not know her name. "Invite the tall, blonde, beautiful girl," he said to his friend. A blonde, tall, beautiful girl came to the party. She turned out to be the wrong one.

Fede never doubted that Susu was "The One ", not only for his time in Strasbourg, but also for the time after his Erasmus year. Susu was not so sure. But there was one little moment when Susu recognised that their relationship could last. One day, Fede, already back in Florence, called her on her mobile. "Should I buy this book for my class? What do you think?" he asked her. "It was just a small insignificant question. But that was the moment when I knew that he wanted to let me be a part of his everyday life", Susu recalls.

After Strasbourg, she went to Wellington, New Zealand, for an internship at the German Embassy. He booked a flight and went out there to see her. This was just the beginning of countless hours and vast amounts of money spent on night trains, planes and car journeys to spend time together, to learn about each others cities, friends and family.

True: The Erasmus year in Strasbourg happened almost four years ago. Yet they have only just begun to live in the same city. Fede came to Munich to work for an Italian solicitor. They only have a couple of months together before Fede has to return to Italy in September to take his law exams. "I don't need to start my career. Here we have endless studies until you actually become qualified", says Susu. In 2010 she will complete her legal practice year in Florence.

True: 2010 sounds a long time away. And right now they are trying to live for the moment - but not in the same flat. „We need to give each other some space", Susu says. Now they have to rush to the beer garden to meet some of Fede's new friends. They are German. "Schweinebraten. Roast pork. Mmmh", Fede says with a gleam in his eye as he rubs his tummy. An Italian enjoying German food? Weird, but true!

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