In 2009, a girl from Spain decided to do Erasmus in the much colder land of Denmark. How could she have imagined that there she would feel the warmest feelings?

Photo: Isa Pino
Lars and Isa at the Christmas party where they first met.

In a room full of clothes, shoes, and open luggage, Isa was trying to figure out how to fit all her belongings into a suitcase and make it weigh no more than 20 kilos. That's the real challenge when you are travelling to another country to spend some months as an Erasmus student.

Being a member of an international student group, after Isa arrived in Odense, Denmark, she met the president of the local group of another Danish city, Aalborg. And that's how she received an invitation to the Christmas party that the local team in Aalborg was hosting. She didn't think twice: she booked train tickets, took three Spanish friends from Erasmus and headed to Aalborg. They were there for the very first time, so they spent the day visiting museums and the city, before they went to the Christmas dinner in the evening.

Lars was sitting at one of the tables, but not at Isa's. It was only after the dinner was over that they met. Everybody started to "mix and mingle" with each other, talking and dancing. Discovering that they unexpectedly liked each other very much, they decided to go to a calmer place to talk. Isa held Lars’ hand. They kissed. Two simple movements, a little dust of a magic spell and a whole story had just begun.

The next day found both of them full of thoughts, although in slightly different ways… Lars was excited: "Isa was a sweet and nice girl. She looked so pretty and she was smiling all the time." In the comfort of her warm room, Isa was worried. Lars seemed too good to be true. "He was a very handsome boy with amazing blue eyes. So cute and nice to me! Something must be terribly wrong with him. He might have another girlfriend or something like that. Also, during the whole previous evening, I was thinking that he was probably… bald, because he was wearing a Christmas hat and none of his hair showed!"

A week later, her worries calmed down. Lars visited her in Odense and she discovered that he was not bald. The guy just had very blonde hair. Blonde, not bald! From then on, they had a long distance relationship. Isa was living in Odense until June 2010, then she came back to Madrid. Lars was living in Aalborg all that time, while from January 2011 to June 2011 he left for an internship in India. How did they handle the distance? Isa explains: "We spent a lot of money on trips in order to see each other. When I was in Odense, we visited each other every weekend and when I came back to Madrid, we met each other once a month travelling in between Spain and Denmark or also to cities in other countries, like Krakow or Rome. Even when Lars was in India, I went to visit him." 

Lars visited her in Odense and she discovered that he was not bald. The guy just had very blonde hair. Blonde, not bald!

At the moment, the trouble of distance is well behind them, as Isa has moved to Aalborg to live with Lars. The barriers created by differences in nationality and culture didn't take long to overcome either. "At the beginning, we thought that it might be difficult to be together not because of differences in anything else but mostly because of the language. But after a time, we got used to talking English in our everyday life and it now feels normal to us," Lars explains.

looking forward

Photo: Isa Pino
Even when Lars was in India, Isa went to visit him.

This is the story of Isa and Lars, as it started a cold evening at a Christmas dinner, without any sign or warning of what would follow… "I was not sure that it would last, especially when Isa returned to Spain after Erasmus and the distance between us was much bigger. But we proved to be good at keeping in touch (we talked on Skype every day) and it turned out not to be a problem," Lars says.

Life is full of surprises. Two years after their first meeting, Isa and Lars have managed to cover any distance, to overcome any possible barrier, to live together and plan their future common life. What is still missing? A dog. They are not allowed to have a pet in their current flat. So, they are dreaming of finishing their master's studies in Engineering in Aalborg, finding a job in the same country (they do not care which one) and finally living in a flat where they can have a dog and maybe some more pets. Simple plans. Big chances of success. Sounds possible!

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