top_david Bakradze_thumbDynamic, determined, educated and visionary, the Chairman of the Georgian Parliament David Bakradze may just be the next European hope from the Caucasus region.

nostalgia_thumbTwenty years after the bloody disintegration of the Socialist Federal Republic of Yugoslavia, strong nostalgic sentiment still exists even among young people who never actually lived within the SFRY.

beachparty_mainThe party always seems better on the other side. In these exchange letters, Latvia and Estonia spill their jealousy, admiration and disappointment over the past and the present. 

Middle_EastEurope's history and culture originated not in Brussels but around the Mediterranean region and the Middle East. Should Europe consider a bold reunification and redefine the concept of its boundaries? 

flop_thumb_modified54-year-old and still an immature teenager, the European Union has proven to be an extreme disappointment to many in recent months with endless finger-pointing and inefficiency. 

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