Are you turned on by men in uniform? Does it tingle in your tra-la-la when you think of your girlfriend's recent brazilian wax? Or are you perhaps at the more exotic end of the spectrum, and fantasise about having sex dressed as a a giant robot, having cockroaches crawl over your body or having someone vomit all over your genitalia? Oh, wipe that surprised look off your face - this column doesn't judge. We may giggle a bit in surprise, but that's about it. As they say: whatever floats your boat!

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Do patent leather high heels do it for you?

Being sexually aroused by an object or situation - fetishism - is not as uncommon as one might think. We all have our own fantasies, things that we find particularly sexy. Fetishes are not always harmless, in some cases a sexual obession can be so extreme that it is psychologically distressful, or illegal even. Our focus, however, will be on more inoffensive fetishes, although they do range from common obsessions to more kinky fixations. First up, an interview with ViciousVanity, the chairman of Dekadance, an organisation for young people between the age of 18-30 "with an interest in fetishism, kinky sex, exhibitionism and creativity."

E&M: Tell us about your fetishes!

ViciousVanity: Patent leather shoes with impossibly high heels. Actually, anything in patent leather. Putting on a patent leather dress makes me feel incredibly sexy. What turns me on is actually wearing the clothes or shoes, not looking at them. To me, it's the feeling that the lifestyle offers. I like standing out and am definitely an exhibitionist.

E&M: Is sex different when you're wearing your fetish clothes?

ViciousVanity: Sex in fetish clothing is often bigger, more intense and much more satisfying that ordinary sex.

E&M: How did it feel when you first told a partner about your fetishes? How did they react?

"Oh, so you don't rub yourself against your shoes?" That's what people think when I tell them I'm a shoe fetishist.
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Try latex next time you go out?

ViciousVanity: He didn't find it strange at all, I think he thinks it's fun to tell his "ordinary" friends about his latex girlfriend. Pretty often, I might tell people I have just met just to provoke them a little, might show them photos to spark a discussion. I often get the question "Oh, so you don't rub yourself against your shoes?" - that's what people think when I tell them that I'm a shoe fetishist! Most people are curious about it though, I never feel that people react negatively – it's fun!

E&M: How does it affect you as a person to be open about your fetishes, not being ashamed of them, but on the contrary rather living them out?

ViciousVanity: Not being embarrassed about going to an ordinary club wearing a latex dress and having everyone stare at me, but instead being proud, has shaped me both privately as well as in my working life. I've become much more self confident since I decided to not care about what people think and do what I want to do. 

E&M: To some people, fetishes are weird and abnormal. Why do you think people can react so strongly against other people's fetishes?

ViciousVanity: Because fetishes don't follow the norm. I think we like being very safe in life, if someone stands out – whether it's about fetishes, religion or sexual orientation - we react with scepticism because it makes us as people feel less safe. A lot of people think fetishism is something perverse, which I think is a shame.

E&M: What would you say to those who think fetishism is something disgusting?

I won't say that I understand all fetishes, I definitely don't, but I do respect them. Let's let go of the hype and normalise it, so that people can understand how common fetishes actually are.

ViciousVanity: It's time to let that thought go, although it's difficult. I won't say that I understand all fetishes, I definitely don't, but I do respect them. Let us let go of the hype and normalise it, so that people can understand how common fetishes actually are.

E&M: And to those who know, deep down, that they are turned on by something but don't dare to live out their fantasies?

ViciousVanity: I don't think you're happy about yourself unless you fulfil your own needs. Find someone like-minded and create your own safe space to share your fetishes. All I say is, go for it!

Thank you ViciousVanity for sharing your fetishes with us. Dear readers, stay tuned to see what World of Fetishism has to offer in the next issue!

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